Windmill Palm

Trachycarpus fortunei

The Windmill palm is one of the hardiest palms in cultivation, capable of withstanding fairly severe weather with no damage. This makes it very popular in the northwest (Oregon, Washington and Canada). The Windmill is most useful for providing tropical accents and is used as a small tree along streets or avenues, planted in mass or as a tub specimen.

Sub-Family: Coryphoideae
Origin: China
Growth Rate: Slow to moderate
Height: 25
Hardiness: 15F
Zones: 8, 9, 12-24 Western, 8-10B USDA
Landscape Value: Tropical accent, avenue, street, park, and mass planting
Identifying Characteristics
Habit: Solitary; Canopy of 20-30 leaves
Leaf Size: 2-3 Wide, Segments 1 1/2-2 long
Leaf Type: Palmate, 1 2 long , 2-3 wide
Foliage Color: Dark green
Trunk: Thicker at top than bottom, covered with dense, hairy fiber
Petiole: 1 long, bluntly toothed on margin
Flower Color: Blue
Fruit Color: Yellow
Propagation: Seed germination in 6-8 months
Gender: Separate male and female flower on the same inflorescence

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