Triangle Palm

Neodypsis decaryi

The Triangle Palm is one the most unique palms of all landscape palms with its precise three- planed arrangement of leaves. This is a sensational landscape specimen with its form and striking leaf color that can work well in almost any space, including indoors with a lot of light and air circulation.

Sub-Family: Arecoideae
Origin: Madagascar
Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: 25'
Hardiness: 28F
Zones: 20-24 Western, 10B-11 USDA
Landscape Value: Tropical accent, Vertical accent, Background, Courtyard specimen
and indoor
Identifying Characteristics
Habit: Solitary, robust, canopy of 18-20 leaves
Leaf Size: 8-10' long, leaflets 1-2" long 1" wide
Leaf Type: Pinnately compound, reduplicate, stiff
Foliage Color: Blue green with red scales
Trunk: Short, triangle shape, dark brown with gray leaf scars
Petiole: 1' long, unarmed, base covered with brown-red scurf
Flower Color: Yellow
Fruit Color: Yellow-green
Propagation: Seed; germination in 1-2 months
Gender: Separate male and female flowers on same inflorescence

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