Sago Palm

Cycas revoluta

The Sago Palm, as the name implies, is palm-like, although it is actually in the Cycadaceae family. This is the most popular of all the Cycads and is adaptable in the desert regions and may tolerate light frost. The Sago Palm works well as an accent in any landscape. It is the perfect specimen for enhancing tropical design.

Sub-Family: Cycadaceae
Origin: Japan
Growth Rate: Slow
Height: 8-12'
Hardiness: 15F
Zones: 8-24 Western
Landscape Value: Tropical accent, entry, mass, tub specimen,
patio specimen, bonsai plant
Identifying Characteristics:
Habit: Solitary, Sometimes several trunks
Leaf Size: 2-3'
Leaf Type: Pinnately divided, leaflets narrow
Foliage Color: Dark forest green
Trunk: Fat trunk
Petiole: Short, armed
Flower Color: Yellow
Fruit Color: Brown
Propagation: Seed and cuttings
Gender: Separate male and female plants

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