Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix canariensis

Canary Island Date palms are very popular for their formal aspect in the landscape, which complements the Mediterranean style architecture. This is one of the most massive palms and will need a lot of space to grow. There is no finer tree to line streets and avenues. When used as a large courtyard specimen, the large canopy stretching up to forty feet with up to 100 leaves, begins to coalesce and create its own pavilion effect.

Sub-Family: Coryphoideae
Origin: Canary Islands
Growth Rate: Slow
Height: 40'
Hardiness: 20F
Zones: 9, 12-24 Western, 8B-11 USDA
Landscape Value: Tropical accent, vertical accent, avenue, background, courtyard,
specimen and mass
Identifying Characteristics
Habit: Solitary, massive; canopy of 50-100 leaves
Leaf Size: 12-18' leaflets ' long 1" wide
Leaf Type: Feather pinnately compound, induplicate, stiffly arched
Foliage Color: Deep green
Trunk: Thick, diamond leaf scar pattern
Petiole: Short, strongly armed with leaflet spines
Flower Color: Yellow
Fruit Color: Orange
Propagation: Seed germination in 2-3 months
Gender: Separate male and female plants

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